Josh’s goal is to provide a positive and creative outlet that acts as a vehicle for self-expression and emotional release in a safe space.

The thrilling and engaging keynote speaker your next event needs

Josh has delivered dozens of keynote presentations to audiences of every size in the past 20 years. He speaks on Wellness, Finding Your Purpose, Teamwork, and Translating Pain to Purpose with each presentation tailored to the audience to inspire the listeners to take action.

During a Keynote presentation, Josh shares his powerful and inspiring backstory of how drumming and music helped him navigate obstacles in life. It was through music that he found his purpose and passion for helping others. Josh’s Keynote culminates in an interactive portion where the audience experiences the transformative power of rhythm.


All Keynotes can be customized to fit the audience and industry needs. All keynotes can be delivered in-person or virtually.

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What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Josh

Vanessa Simon

Healing Through the Arts Outreach & Program Coordinator for the Delaware Art Museum

“Josh brings a sensitivity and artistry that combines music and self-expression in a welcoming, non-intimidating format. We’ve had Josh lead Grief Drumming, Drum Making workshop and The Power of Music – a writing and listening workshop. We feel so lucky to have Josh share his gifts with our program and community! It is always a Healing time with Josh!”

Julia Goldberg

VP, Global Real Estate, Facilities, Security, and Studio Operations at BuzzFeed

“I had Josh Robinson come to BuzzFeed LA to do a day full of sessions to teach us a bit about non-verbal communication, the power of teamwork, and the positive results that come from stepping out of one’s comfort zone. It was a superb experience, and to all you badass leaders out there who are looking for a different way to help with forging a better team spirit, I highly recommend this groove. Did I mention that he is awesome?? Oh, and he’s also funny. So there.”

Brett Kay

Assistant Vice President, Recognition Operations, NCQA

“I wanted to give my team a way to release…stress and negativity. The drumming session with Josh was the most creative way to pull everyone together, show appreciation and have a lot of fun. The team really connected and left the session more energized and closer to each other than I’ve seen in some time. Well worth the time. I would highly recommend Josh and this program to anyone looking for a meaningful, fun and energetic way to spend a few hours with their teams.”

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